About me


Hi, I'm Audra. I grow flowers right here in Noblesville to bring joy to people across Indy!

Born & raised in Indiana, I learned to love vegetable gardening from my grandparents.  But as an adult, it was flower gardening that captured my heart & imagination!

After a decade working as a cell & molecular biologist, I decided to make a change to be closer to home and our three elementary school aged sons.  Today I teach part time, and spend the rest of my time on our property, as a wife and mom, growing fruits & veggies to feed my family, and FLOWERS to grace the kitchen tables and home offices of friends and subscribers across central Indiana!

I love caring for the health of our soil.  As a biologist, I am amazed that there are more microorganisms living in one TEASPOON of soil than there are people living on the earth!  I strive to nourish our soil in order to produce an abundance of healthy, colorful, long-lasting flowers, and to allow the soil to be renewed in its vitality so our children and grandchildren can have flourishing gardens as well.

Read more from me about the goings-on at our micro farm here.