A tough decision

I am sad to write this, but I have decided to cancel my flower subscriptions for 2022.

The short explanation is, teaching + flowers is too much for my family in this season of life. This past season I saw it, and it has been percolating in my heart, but over the last few weeks I've realized it's the right thing to do, to stop my subscriptions. This school year I was offered the opportunity to add high school Chemistry and 6th grade science to my teaching load. It's a legitimate part time (nearly full time) job. And flowers, sadly, are NOT just a June-July occupation.

When I talked with our sons one-on-one about this past summer, our 12-year-old and 10-year-old said that last summer I didn't play as many games with them, and we couldn't go to the library like we used to, and overall we couldn't do as many fun things because I was doing flowers. I know they could have a happy childhood without me playing as many games, or without so many trips to the library. But that's the reason I gave up my career in science, so I could experience the rest of the years with them before they are off on their own. And I want them to remember me present, relaxed, and enjoying that time rather than stressed, distracted, and telling them we can't do the things we love to do.

I've done it before, and I can do it again (I tell myself as I dig deep for the guts to write this). However sad and difficult. I will choose to put my family ahead of my career.

I am sorry to have to cancel when you were so wonderful as to invest in my business- invest in ME. Thank you for sharing my excitement and my flowers.

I will still be growing plenty of flowers to enjoy myself, and I'm looking forward to seeing you at some pop-up sales in 2022! I will continue writing about Audra's Gardens- about growing flowers & veggies, and life with boys. So if you like, keep following along at my Facebook page or at

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