We got cats out of desperation. "Accidental cat people" I guess you could call us.

"Accidental cat people" I guess you could call us.

Rewind to 3 years ago. I was the lightest sleeper. Every noise woke me up because I was just sure it was a mouse. After having a mouse IN MY HAIR in the middle of the night on three separate occasions (our bedroom is on the second floor, mind you!), I was desperate. Our 160 year old farmhouse was just never going to be "mouse tight".

We had finally gotten to the point where all our boys were sleeping through the night every night, yet I wasn't. Every raccoon that wandered across our roof. Every stink bug that buzzed into a lampshade. Every speck of dust that floated off the ceiling fan woke me up in terror. (Ok, I might be exaggerating on that last one, but that's how I felt! )

So, we got some barn cats to try to keep our country mouse population under control. In the process, we obtained the sweetest, most loyal, most loving pets. We love having kittens and they get SO much love that they become just like dogs- sitting at the door waiting for us to come out to pet them.

Two of our cats, Bean and Bear, follow me around morning and evening as I check on my flowers. They sleep under the wheel barrow as I pull weeds. They walk back and forth under my elbows as I kneel, planting seedlings, trying to get me to pet them.

Here are some pictures of the kittens we're enjoying at the moment. Aren't they the sweetest?? Their names are Bacon (the yellow one), O.J. (the black tiger), Two Face (self explanatory), and Storm (the gray one). Their momma is Caramel (pronounced "Care-a-mel".

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